When fourth-grader Mitch's bowl of cafeteria chili comes to life, his friend Andy convinces him to sneak it home. Mitch gets a crash course in responsibility as he learns to care for this unusual pet. What does it eat? What do you do when it poops? Where will it sleep? As Gloppy grows and matures, Mitch gains some insight into fatherhood and his own absent dad.


Troubled with squishy-looking beasties under the bed? Are you being followed by a "wolfish toothy group"? Granny knows how to handle these difficulties - get the beasties counting! But this eventually leads to wet miserable beasties outside trying to count raindrops. They could use a friend! This rhyming story is a calming bedtime read and a lesson in friendship. Recipe for "beastly good" chocolate chip cookies included.

Miss Lucy Jane

Meet the not-so-plain Miss Lucy Jane, a fanciful girl “full of dreams and flap-doodle schemes.” Join her for a week of imaginative adventures in the delightful world created by author Jane Willis Johnston’s lyrical words.

Ida May's Borrowed Trouble

This picture book’s endearing story of perseverance and hard work is complemented by richly detailed and charming illustrations. A timeless addition to any collection!

Voices Across the Lakes

‘Voices Across the Lakes’ was written by Anita Pinson and published by Book Bridge Press in February 2013. Traditional folk songs, stories, and detailed artwork combine to produce a great book that’s a must-have for anyone who loves the Great Lakes. Pinson, a retired music teacher, has included Great Lakes trivia facts as well as questions for discussion, making this book especially suitable for the classroom. Great for all ages!